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25 Jun 2009

mIRCstats Upgraded The backend behind LogBot's stats pages has been upgraded. It's now running mIRCstats 1.23. This includes some new sections on page 4, anti-aliasing in the relation map and some other stuff I didn't bother to check on. The largest change is anyone not seen in the room for 180 days will now be excluded from user tables.

01 Jan 2009

F2P & P2P populations added to popgraphs I've added gold and white lines to the global RS population graph so you can visualize the split between F2P and P2P populations. The split fits the current server split on RS itself fairly well but proves that P2P isn't really getting any advantages when it comes to players per server.

Server data collected prior to December 15th or so was tagged using the P2P and F2P servers present on that day so the lines will be slightly off prior to that day. Everything collected after that day uses the exact split Jagex has set.

19 Sep 2008 has moved The features previously found on have been moved here ( The domain is a bit more fitting and frees up the other domain for other uses not related to IRC/RS/randomness. The site has gotten a new layout along with the move so please let me know if you find anything broken or out of place. I'll probably be making some tweaks here and there to help visibility and navigation so thing may shift a tad here and there over the next few weeks.

07 Sep 2008

Server Move has moved to a new host at RapidXen (mention my name if you buy :D). This means I have a full blown server to play with instead of being limited by shared hosting so things may be a bit bumpy for a few days while I play with everything. I also plan on moving the site to another domain name and possibly redesigning the layout when I do. More on that will come in the furutre.

On the right is a new marker under the banners displaying which IP is serving you pages. If the IP listed is you're being served by the new host. If you see a different IP, you are still being served by the Hostdime server. This should slowly update for everyone while DNS changes make their way around the internet. This also means IRC stats pages may be slightly out of date for a day or two while things get moved and reconfigured.

25 Dec 2007

Trend Line and New Spans The population graphs now have a trend line you can turn on and off. I don't know how usefull people will find it, but it's there. I've also added half year and year spans since I know have about 3/4 of a year worth of data.

The year graphs for individual worlds cut off at May 2007 while the Global graph cuts off in August. I should be able to bring the global graph up to the same length as the indivdual worlds, but that's another news post.

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